Announcing a price reduction for the CFO Intell Dinner Series, hosted by CFO Studio in Manhattan, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.

In the interest of exposing its CFO guests to a broader array of high quality services, CFO Studio has significantly reduced the financial investment required for qualified companies to participate in CFO Intell Dinners in Manhattan, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. Price reductions are effective immediately and will be as follows:

CFO Intell Dinner Series

Manhattan, New Jersey, and Philadelphia

4x Campaign:

Reduced by 35% from $32,840 to $21,360 (total cost for 4 events = $5,340 per event)


Reduced by 28% from $10,190 to $7,290

CFO Studio’s CEO, Andrew Zezas, stated “CFO Studio continues to grow in attracting more CFOs, in the number of events it hosts, and in the caliber of its business development partners”. He added: “We’re extremely excited about our ability to bring the CFO Intell Dinner Series to a broader group of companies who seek to conduct business with CFOs, and who will bring greater intell to our CFO guests. We will continue to balance the number of CFO guests and BD partners who attend our events”.

Industry exclusivity at the CFO Intell Dinner Series will continue to apply to all campaigns (not to one-time events). No more than five BD partners may participate in any CFO Intell Dinner.

Information about how companies may participate in the CFO Intell Dinner Series is available at or by contacting Andrew Zezas at or at 732 868 0000 x111.


About CFO Studio

CFO Studio brings CFOs and select organizations together to foster dialogue, share insights and intelligence, forge relationships, enhance careers, promote their companies, participate in thought-leadership, and to connect with select world-class thinkers and others.

CFO Studio hosts large, small, industry and geographically targeted live CFO events, including the CFO Innovation Conference, the CFO Excellence Awards Gala, the CFO Studio Reception Series, the CFO Intell Dinner Series, the CFO Industry Dinner & Dialogue Series, and custom events, in New Jersey, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Chicago, and in other U.S. markets.

CFO Studio’s business development partners and presenters include or have included American Express, Atlantic Health System, Atrium Staffing, Avis Budget, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BDO, Brother International, CapitalOne, ConAgra, Dassault FalconJet, D&B, Dechert, Encyclopedia Britannica, The Federal Reserve, Godiva, Horizon Blue Cross, Jaguar Land Rover,  Mass Mutual, Mercedes-Benz, Morton Salt, NBCUniversal, The New York Jets, Oracle, The Philadelphia Eagles, The Philadelphia Phillies, Pinnacle Foods, Prager Metis, Prudential, PwC, Quest Diagnostics, ReedSmith, Robert Half, SAP,  Subaru, Tribeca Films, Quest Diagnostics, Verizon, Vonage, York Risk, Yorktel, and other exciting organizations.




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