In 2019, what challenges will CFOs in your industry encounter and what important focus will drive CFOs’ ability to succeed on their companies’ behalf?

Entering 2019, manufacturing and distribution (M&D) CFO’s have eyes focused outside their company’s four walls like never before. Three external influences in particular are driving attention and planning from M&D leadership:

1. Tariffs and trade – What actions should the company be taking to mitigate risk, diversify the supply chain and manage the impact on margin for what could be a two or six year problem, depending on the election cycle?

2. Data security – Is the organization adequately defended against cyber-security threats, phishing and malware? Is critical data secured in ways that are compliant with regulations such as GDPR and California’s Consumer Privacy Act?

3. Recession – What’s the potential for this to hit the industry, knowing that M&D often feels the impact of a recession six months before the rest of the economy does?

– Doug Schrock, Managing Principal, Crowe LLP Manufacturing and Distribution Services

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