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November 20, 2015

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Featured in Q4 Issue of CFO Studio Magazine:

CFOs of Bayer, Hunter Douglas, and Evonik


SOMERSET, NJ – Bernd-Peter (Berry) Bier, the chief financial officer of Bayer U.S., like many CFOs, has had the opportunity to help shape his company, performing a carve-out in a very short timeframe. Gary Piscatelli, the CFO of Hunter Douglas North America, is leading his company to improve its data gathering, reporting, and analysis, and sees capturing the right data as a critical enabler of strong business partnering. Burkhard Zoller, CFO of Evonik Corp. – North America, uses his knowledge of chemical engineering when he advises the Board of Directors on the reasons for a proposed acquisition. All three of these finance executives are examples of today’s strategically involved CFOs. Each of them is featured in the most recent issue of CFO Studio magazine.

CFO Studio magazine, published quarterly by CFO Studio and underwritten by great promotional partners, features business profiles and strategic advice for CFOs in the New York and New Jersey areas. The Q4 issue, which has just been released, also includes an article about a new partnership between a music company and a software startup that began at the CFO Innovation Conference and Awards last May at MetLife Stadium. The chance meeting between Glenn Turell, CFO of Elias Arts Holdings, and Mihai Dinulescu, a founder of Sonzia, sparked a new venture because both are interested in the effects of music on the brain. The partners are identifying and modifying sounds that are distressing to the autism population.

Also in the Q4 issue is an article by Aldonna R. Ambler, a regular columnist for the magazine, wherein she describes several scenarios in which an acquisition ran into difficulties when a finance executive focused too closely on exactitude in valuations. And in the magazine’s signature CFO 2 CFO section, James Emmerson, Chief Financial Officer, Huntington Learning Center, writes on the importance of hiring the best staff, advisors, and business partners, and managing the team.

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