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Barbara Kane-Burke, CFO, Discusses the Evolution of the CFO on CFO Studio

(Somerset, New Jersey): Andrew Zezas, SIOR, the host of CFO Studio and CEO of Real Estate Strategies Corporation,  announced today that Barbara Kane-Burke, CFO, appeared as a guest in an interview on CFO Studio.  Ms. Kane-Burke shared her views on the evolution of the CFO in small companies.  The 10 minute video interview and a full transcript are available at

The 10 minute video interview and a full transcript are available at

Andrew Zezas said “Barbara Kane-Burke provided us with some great insight into the small company CFO.  She was a fun guest on CFO Studio. We were lucky that she had a few moments to chat with us.”. Separately, Ms. Kane-Burke was quoted as saying “In small companies the role of CFO is more collaborative and a strategic partnership. There’s been more acceptance of the CFO as a business person.”. She added “The CFO has more exposure than most any other executive in the company.”

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