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Intellectual Assent vs. Intentional Alignment

Our ability to navigate with a system of ethics in the business world is largely biased by sociological mores.  As such, individuals that attempt to pursue a biblical standard of ethics in the marketplace increasingly compromise their calling by looking to situational ethics instead of standards of righteousness as enumerated in the Scriptures.  How do we go beyond simple intellectual assent and ethical compliance to intentional alignment with the standard that God provides?

CFO Studio Welcomes believers of all faiths and invites other spiritual leaders to propose additional sessions during the Inspirational Breakfast time frame. CFO Studio offers all believers, no matter what religion, to hold other inspirational breakfasts at the CFO Innovation Conference.  Contact Lorenz Capalad


Chuck EapenCharles Eapen, President & CEO of The C12 Group

Prior to heading up The C12 Group of Northern New Jersey, Charles served as President/CEO and Chief Operating Officer for start-up technology firms based in California.  With 20+ years of  sales and operations experience, he has lead corporate growth in the fast paced telecom sector.  He holds an Electrical Engineering degree from SUNY Stony Brook and a Master of Arts from Alliance Theological Seminary, Nyack College.  In addition to facilitating best practices through The C12 Group, Charles also serves Christian local ministries by providing advisory services.  He is a published author and invited speaker.

About The C12 Group

The C12 Group is America’s largest fee-for-service executive roundtable corporation serving Christian Business Owners/CEOs from $1MM to over $2BB in annual revenues.  The firm engages chief executives who desire operational excellence from a biblical perspective with like-minded peers, across non-competing industries, desiring eternal impact.  The C12 Group operates in over 90 metro markets serving over 1200 corporations, privately-held and publicly traded.  More information at


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