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Welcome to CFO Studio, an in-depth resource where CFOs and financial executives can find insight, information, and guidance on matters of importance to their companies and themselves. Visit to watch interviews with noted New Jersey and New York area financial executives, and to learn what your peers are doing in banking, corporate strategy, finance, growth, hiring, outsourcing, real estate, risk management, and more! Watch interviews with noted New Jersey and New York area financial executives, and to learn what your peers are doing in banking, corporate strategy, finance, growth, hiring, outsourcing, real estate risk management, and more! Join the conversation or just watch, listen, and succeed!

CFOs and Other Financial Executives
CFOs and other finance executives are a very busy bunch these days, with their roles becoming considerably more complex and diverse. This is especially true, given effects of the current global economy. Gone are the green eye shade days when CFOs focused only on treasury and finance matters. In fact, many of today’s CFOs are considerable more than finance executives, playing pivotal roles within their organizations. At the very least, today’s CFOs are business strategists, providing guidance and insight into profitability and other matters that are mission critical to the success of the corporate enterprise. In many companies, CFOs are involved in almost every aspect of both strategy and day-to-day initiatives. Many CFOs oversee, or are deeply aligned with operations, I.T., sales, manufacturing, distribution, and more. Given the diversity of roles and resources managed by today’s CFO, most are, in effect their company’s COOs. Consequently, with deep and often broad areas of expertise, more and more CFOs are advancing to even higher levels in the corporate structure, taking on positions such as COO, President, and CEO. We designed CFO Studio as a means of providing resources, intelligence, and insight to CFOs and those who aspire to become CFOs, in blog, video, and other formats. A main thrust of CFO Studio is the Financial Executive Thought – Leader Video Interview Series.

Financial Executive Thought – Leader Video Interview Series
As an essential component of CFO Studio, the Financial Executive Thought – Leader Video Interview Series, provides a forum for seasoned, accomplished, and reputable CFOs and financial executives to share their insights, experiences, and views on important and timely topics of importance for consideration by their peers and those who aspire to become finance executives. Video interviews are available online at CFO Studio in a quick, easy to view format. Topics vary based on the background and preferences of each interviewee, and include: Banking, Capital Availability, Domestic and Global Economic Issues, Employment and Hiring, Executive Careers, Government, Lending, Healthcare, Operations, Outsourcing, Strategy, Taxes, and more. CFO Studio’s Primary Focus While CFO Studio addresses many topics, in addition to hose mentioned above, visitors will benefit from CFO Studio’s two additional areas of focus … those of interest to the corporate enterprise, as well as, to CFOs themselves, including:

  • Profitably Acquiring and Disposing of Leased and Owned Corporate Real Estate
  • CFO Careers – Taking Charge, Minimizing Transition, Ensuring Continued Success!

Profitably Acquiring and Disposing of Leased and Owned Corporate Real Estate Today’s CFO is often deluged with a dynamic and dangerous combination of both strategic and tactical projects that can demand on-going and immediate attention. Corporate real estate is one that typically requires a substantial amount of:

  • Critical thinking
  • Advanced strategic planning
  • Commitment of management time and resources
  • Attention to myriad details
  • Thorough financial and operational analysis
  • High-level reporting
  • Strong negotiation skills, experience, and expertise
  • Intelligent decision-making

For those projects deemed strategic, senior management and Board level conversations and approvals require great focus and skill. For companies that occupy leased and / or owned real estate, the necessity to proactively and opportunistically oversee and manage the operational necessity, cost, and risk of their facilities has become of significant importance. Opportunities to uncover hidden liquidity, reduce and mitigate risk, create greater operational flexibility, enhance stakeholder value, support M&A activities, and drive profitability exist, and have never been more important to the success of the corporate enterprise.

CFO Careers – Taking Charge, Minimizing Transition, Ensuring Continued Success!
Given some commonly accepted statistics, like CFOs being in transition every 14 to 22 months, never before have CFOs and other finance executives had to be as focused on managing their careers as they have been in managing their companies. Many CFOs find it extremely challenging to manage job search, networking, and relationships, when their responsibilities demand 110% of their time and their energy. As a result, most CFOs focus too little on their careers, and often realize that they may be at increased risk. CFO Studio provides CFOs and other finance executives with effective insight into career management, networking, job search, conservative self-promotion, marketing, and the sales aspect of building and maintaining relationships and opportunities to career advancement, with a keen focus on minimization of risks, time, and costs, associated with transition.

Andrew Zezas, CFO Studio’s Visionary, Author and Host
Andrew Zezas is the award-winning CEO of Real Estate Strategies Corporation. Mr. Zezas, considered a thought-leader in his field, is a highly successful and respected corporate real estate advisor, who has completed numerous high-profile headquarters, office, technology, distribution, and industrial projects throughout New Jersey, the U.S. and Canada. Andrew’s primary clients are financial executives at large and small, public and private companies, and not-for-profit organizations. He holds real estate licenses in six states, and is a certified real estate instructor in multiple states. He is a noted author, having written two books, including The CFO’s Guide To Understanding Corporate Real Estate Transactions. Mr. Zezas is part of an elite group of real estate executives associated with the Signature Speaker Series of the National Association of Realtors, and is known for his expertise in practice and as a conference speaker. Andrew is also a member of the educational faculty at the Washington, D.C. based Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (“SIOR”), as well as, a member of that ethics based organization.

Real Estate Strategies Corporation is a respected corporate advisory and transaction services firm that provides thought-leadership, decision-making, planning, project management and transaction execution services to financial and senior executives at management team-led public, private, and portfolio companies, and not-for-profit organizations. Under the leadership of its award-winning CEO, Andrew B. Zezas, RealStrat’s clients engage the firm when acquiring, disposing, renegotiating, or enhancing occupied leased or owned real estate in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and throughout North America. By creating and executing Business DRIVEN Real Estate Solutions and identifying hidden Opportunities, RealStrat drives greater operational and financial performance in support of its clients’ stakeholder objectives, M&A requirements, and exit strategies. In the current economic environment, RealStrat’s efforts are focused on uncovering, capturing, and re-purposing hidden liquidity and minimizing risk in its clients’ leased and owned real estate. The firm provides counsel as to competitive advantage strategies in preparation for the eventual economic recovery. By restructuring existing leases, disposing of surplus property, structuring sale / leaseback transactions, securing new and replacement financing, and acquiring leased or owned real estate, RealStrat reduces its clients’ occupancy costs and risk, and increases their operational flexibility and resiliency. Many of the firm’s clients have realized multiple seven-figure present value cash benefits through the creative planning and execution of these strategies. Request your free copy of The CFO’s Guide to Understanding Corporate Real Estate Transactions Follow CFO Studio at Learn more about how Real Estate Strategies Corporation can help you and your company uncover hidden liquidity, increase flexibility, and reduce risk in your leased and / or owned real estate, at

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