February 27, 2015

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SOMERSET, NJ – The chief financial officer of the Cherry Hill, NJ–based company that markets and distributes the full line of Subaru automobiles presides over a large number of processes and programs that are integral to the company’s sales success. The Q1 2015 issue of CFO Studio magazine describes in some detail the unusual responsibilities of Curt Allen, Subaru of America’s CFO. Vehicle pricing is his province. So are all national and regional incentive programs for dealers, salespeople, and customers. Arguably, his know-how and that of his team is integral to Subaru’s remarkable sales record.

CFO Studio magazine, published quarterly by CFO Studio and Real Estate Strategies Corporation, features business profiles and strategic advice for New Jersey–area CFOs. In other features, CFOs for major companies including Verizon, Mercedes-Benz, and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey assess the direction of the regional, national, and global economy and express cautious optimism.

In the magazine’s signature CFO 2 CFO section, Michael Rist, an unaffiliated senior finance executive, writes that capital allocation decision-making should involve ranking of initiatives via weighted decision criteria. “Furthermore, the process should include timing, scale, probability of success, and analysis of exactly how each specific initiative is aligned with the company’s strategy.” Mark D. Mishler, financial executive and adjunct professor, examines Coca-Cola’s SEC filings to learn the company’s business strategy vis à vis vertical integration of its bottling operations. Brian Hart, CFO of Berjé, argues in an article on email fraud that when hackers masquerade as the CEO or CFO and instruct lower-level financial employees to execute wire transfers to bogus accounts, a loss is largely preventable with common sense and solid controls.

The Q1 issue also includes a Q&A feature with Ned Mavrommatis, CFO of I.D. Systems, Inc., discussing Harnessing the Internet of Things with Andrew Zezas, publisher of CFO Studio magazine.

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