Andrew Zezas, SIOR interviews Ken Drossman, CFO
Andrew Zezas, SIOR President & CEO of Real Estate Strategies Corporation, a New Jersey based corporate real estate advisory and transaction services firm, interviews financial executive and advisor, Ken Drossman, President of Lakeview Business Consulting.  Mr. Drossman says that “the atmosphere and perspective of business owners is not yet at cautious optimism.”  It’s what he calls “cautious skepticism, that’s an improvement over last year’s bleak pessimism.”  Ken says he has seen increases in temporary hires, and companies filling permanent positions only when necessary.  He discusses how for most business owners, “having a significant cash reserve is the best defense against the uncertainty of the economy.”  Mr. Drossman says that banks are making it difficult for small and medium size enterprises to borrow capital, and expects to see growth in the use of technology that increases productivity. Ken continues: “It’s very difficult to get a ‘Yes’ to a loan.” He exclaimed: “The deleveraging of America has decades to run before it returns to what was traditionally the experience.”  Mr. Drossman sees executive compensation moving toward more of a performance based model, with the economy improving slowly, and a forecast of “partly sunny, instead of partly cloudy”.

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