As Seen in CFO Studio Magazine Q4 2015 Issue


For CFOs and other top executives, professional change is inevitable. Big career transitions can include having to embrace new roles, new technologies, new strategies, and living in a new geographic location. But even seasoned professionals accustomed to a fluid professional life find personal change difficult. According to organizational behavior expert Linda Brimm, writing in the Harvard Business Review, C-suite executives facing transition need to navigate through the “Seven C’s:”

Complexity – Considering all aspects and issues at playScreenshot (54)

Clarity – Gaining insight, understanding, and the ability to prioritize

Confidence – Believing the change will be handled successfully

Creativity – Finding innovative solutions to any bumps in the road.

Commitment – Taking concrete steps

Consolidation – Saying good-bye to the previous role and embracing the new one

Change – Fully embracing the new experience and making it work

The ascending nature of these steps ensures that the proposed transition does not become an overwhelming obstacle to the next step in an executive’s career. Sticking to the process will provide a road map for embracing current and future change.

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