The economy and the commercial real estate markets can be treacherous these days.  With buildings failing and landlords going into bankruptcy, companies must be incredibly diligent when acquiring real estate for lease or ownership.  While many commercial buildings are, indeed, experiencing very serious financial challenges these days, many remain financially sound.

Despite the above, it is incumbent upon the company seeking to acquire real estate to conduct the appropriate background checks into both building and landlord, to ensure that the real estate the company may acquire does not bring with it unnecessary risk to achieving the business objectives for which it would be occupied.

With current demand for all types of commercial real estate being extremely low across the country, and resulting prices remaining substantially lower than in recent years, as well, landlords and sellers are very eager to lease and sell their properties. Large financial concessions, greater flexibility, and more, are often available to companies that plan and execute on a well-designed real estate strategy and can move swiftly to avail themselves of current real estate circumstances.

By being aware of the risks that exist in the current commercial real estate market, and by moving forward cautiously, profitable opportunities may await almost any company.


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