Andrew Zezas, SIOR interviews Sal Quadrino, CFO
Financial executive and CFO, Sal Quadrino, is interviewed by Andrew Zezas, SIOR, President & CEO of Real Estate Strategies Corporation, a New Jersey based corporate real estate advisory and transaction services firm.  Mr. Quadrino talks about how his company “mines the account” and tells Andrew that “sales  is the engine that drives the train”.  He offers interesting perspectives on revenue weakness and expense management, gross profit maintenance and maximization, the difference between off-shoring and global outsourcing, the U.S. economy, sales and marketing, and more.  Mr. Quadrino taps into his very diverse experience as a financial executive in multiple industries, including global information consulting, telecommunications, services, e-commerce, high technology, air freight, and distribution, for public and private companies, start-ups, and turnarounds.

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