Update Discovery’s Drew Titus and Larry Samilow Discuss How CFOs Can Budget and Manage Litigation Costs in CFO Studio Interview with Andrew Zezas


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Update Discovery’s Drew Titus and Larry Samilow Discuss How CFOs Can Budget and Manage Litigation Costs in CFO Studio Interview with Andrew Zezas

Legal Experts Discuss Cost Containment

(Somerset, New Jersey): Andrew Zezas, SIOR, the host of CFO Studio and CEO of Real Estate Strategies Corporation, announced today that Drew Titus, Chief Operating Officer, and Larry Samilow, National Sales Director of Update Discovery…….Update Legal, appeared as guests in an interview on CFO Studio. The two experts discussed how CFOs can budget and manage litigation costs. The 10 minute video interview and a full transcript are both available at www.CFOstudio.com.

In the guest interview, Drew Titus stated “As a country, we are sending six trillion emails each year. Most of those emails trickle down into litigation”.  He added “Email has become the new frontier for litigation!” Larry Samilow added “CFOs have an elevated position in terms of responsibility and authority, and CFOs are looking at litigation costs.” Andrew Zezas was quoted as saying “Litigation is obviously an important financial issue and one that is best addressed when finance collaborates with legal, management, and external service providers.” He added “Update Discovery appears to have a solid handle on litigation cost containment. We’re extremely pleased that Mr. Titus and Mr. Samilow elected to appear as guests on CFO Studio!”


About Update Discovery
Update Discovery’s philosophy is one of the key elements that set it apart from the myriad of other vendors in the marketplace. At the heart of their philosophy is their belief that the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), the current accepted roadmap for discovery, is flawed. As the model is currently applied, it leads to inefficiency, lack of accountability and increased costs. While initially serving as a good foundation for describing the various aspects of the discovery management process, the model has not kept pace with rapid technological, legal and practical developments.

Update Discovery’s answer is to take a holistic approach to the EDRM and discovery management. This approach results in having one discovery strategy integrating all disciplines of the EDRM. Update Discovery does not believe that their clients are best served by having separate strategies for collection, processing, hosting and review, an approach that is common in the marketplace.  At Update Discovery, they view themselves as a key stakeholder in the discovery process. They believe in a collaborative approach where they work with the client and their law firm to eliminate finger-pointing, communication inefficiencies and cost overruns. This approach creates accountability, efficiency and transparency amongst all key stakeholders.


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