The CFO Innovation Awards



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CFO Innovation Awards

Congratulations to the 49 CFO Finalists!

The CFO Innovation AwardsMetLife Stadium
Tuesday, May 12, 2015
MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey


CFO Mastery Award

Francis Shammo, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Verizon Communications

Claude Draillard, VP Finance-CFO of Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation

CFO Innovation Award

David Wyshner, Chief Financial Officer of Avis Budget Group

Robert Barry, Chief Financial Officer of Community Food Bank of New Jersey

Catherine Franzoni, Chief Financial Officer of Manasquan Bank

Mindy Horowitz, Chief Financial Officer of Garden State Securities

Ed Imparato, Chief Financial Officer of Hire Counsel

Steve Mullin, Chief Financial Officer of The Dallas Group of America

CFO Leadership Award

Anna DeJesus, CFO of Family & Children’s Service of Monmouth County

Thomas Lichtenwalner, SVP Finance of St. Luke’s University Health Network

Harald Henn, Chief Financial Officer of Mercedes-Benz USA

Sandra Clarke, Chief Financial Officer of Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.

Thomas Bongiorno, Vice President, Corporate Controller & Chief Accounting Officer of Quest Diagnostics

Michael Dentici, Chief Financial Officer of T&M Associates

Ned Mavrommatis, Chief Financial Officer of I.D. Systems

CFO Success Award: Finance Department

Kevin Lenahan, Chief Financial Officer of Atlantic Health Systems

Toby Dingemans, Chief Financial Officer of Genesis Media

John Roberts, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer of AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Judi Pulig, Chief Financial Officer of Yorktel

CFO Success Award: Operations

Steve Storch, Chief Financial Officer of Reservoir Media Management

Robert Friedman, CFO of BAMCO, Inc.

Alison Cornell, Chief Financial Officer of Covance

James Blake, Chief Financial Officer of The Morey Organization

Diederik van Dijk, Chief Financial Officer of Friesland Campina Ingredients

Nicholas Visco, Chief Financial Officer of SEAL Consulting

CFO Success Award: Technology

Christopher Rausch, Chief Financial Officer of Turtle & Hughes

James Lusk, Chief Financial Officer of ABM Industries

Paul Mallen, Chief Financial Officer of Amalgamated Life Insurance Company

Luke McKinnon, Chief Financial Officer of The Louis Berger Group

Steve O’Connell, Chief Financial Officer of Lenox Corporation

CFO Success Award: Strategy

Michael Mardy, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Tumi Holdings, Inc.

Bill Korn, Chief Financial Officer of MTBC

James Emmerson, Chief Financial Officer of Huntington Learning Center

Gunther Mertens, Chief Financial Officer of Agfa Corporation

Michael Riccio, Chief Financial Officer of Panasonic Corporation

CFO Success Award: Capital

Brian Giambagno, Chief Financial Officer of Action Environmental Group

Richard Veldran, Chief Financial Officer of Dun & Bradstreet

David Rockwood, Chief Operating and Financial Officer of Rema Foods, Inc.

Steve Hardek, Chief Financial Officer of Zoom Essence

Gordon Lavalette, Chief Financial Officer of Ion Media Networks

CFO as COO Award

Ralf Hermkens, Chief Financial Officer of Festo Didactic Inc.

Debbie Williams, Chief Financial Officer of Hennion and Walsh

David Feit, Chief Financial Officer Pearl Capital Rivis Ventures

Eric Wukitsch, Chief Operating and Financial Officer of Vantage Custom Classics, Inc.

CFO to CEO Evolution Award

William Craig, Chief Executive and Financial Officer of Tarantin Industries

Barbara Heffernan, Chief Financial Officer & VP of Operations of Systems Sales Corporation

Brian Zietsman, President and Chief Financial Officer of Enteris BioPharma

CFO Industry Transformation Award

Gregg Kam, Chief Financial Officer of The Newark Group

Karol Gray, Chief Financial Officer of Applied DNA Sciences

    » Qualifications for Nomination for a CFO Innovation Award

•  CFO Studio Innovation Awards are available to CFOs who, at the time of nomination, are actively employed at a single company as CFO on a full-time or three quarter time basis

•  Unfortunately, in-transition CFOs are not eligible.  Visit

•  CFO consultants, interim CFOs, adjunct CFOs, contract CFOs, advisors, and other finance executives who are not actively employed as CFO on a full-time or three quarter time basis at a single company are not eligible

•  The senior-most finance executive at a company, including Vice President of Finance, Finance Executive, Treasurer, Controller, or otherwise, may qualify, with special permission, even if that executive does not carry the official CFO title

•  Nominees must live or work in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, or Connecticut

•  CFOs may be nominated for multiple Awards

•  CFOs may be nominated for the same Award one time or multiple times. However, multiple nominations will not increase or decrease the likelihood of a CFO receiving an Award.

•  Nominees for the CFO Mastery Award may live or work anywhere in North or Central America

    » Innovation Awards Categories

CFO Mastery Award

CFOs who, in any of the last three years, have demonstrated a unique mastery in supporting, growing, or enhancing their companies

•  CFOs may be nominated from companies with $1 Billion or more in annual revenue, in any industry, located anywhere in North and Central America

•  Recipients of the CFO Innovation Mastery Award must be present at the Awards Ceremony

•  Qualifications may include having had a positive impact on the enterprise on a domestic or global scale, including having creatively leveraged the company’s balance sheet to improve return on assets, having orchestrated a significant company, product, or service line turnaround resulting in improved operating performance, having added to enterprise value at a level that goes beyond traditional metrics, having achieved results that represent positive accomplishments in the community and / or for broader stakeholder groups, such as employees, suppliers, customers, investors, or others.

CFO Innovation Award

The CFO who has successfully applied creative and innovative solution(s) to significant organizational challenges, whether internal or external.

CFO Leadership Award

The CFO who has exhibited great leadership skill and accomplishment in his / her role, particularly during a period of exceptional growth of the company and / or growth of the finance role in support of the organization

CFO Success Award

•  Finance Department – The CFO who has driven enhanced financial performance across the financial function and / or finance department of the organization

•  Operations – The CFO who has led improvements across the organization in culture, process, productivity, and / or operational performance

•  Technology – The CFO who has led technological improvements across the organization that have resulted in significant enhancement in operations, productivity, information, and / or profitability

•  Strategy – The CFO who has led strategic initiatives that have resulted in significant enhancement of value, operations, realignment, rationalization and / or financial performance

•  Capital – The CFO who has improved the organization’s capital structure in a novel and value-adding manner

CFO as COO Award

The CFO who is more than a financial leader, but has demonstrated a unique blend of operational and strategic impact on the overall organization’s goals and mission

CFO to CEO Evolution Award

The CFO who has made the leap, successfully, to the top rung of the organization and has had the most dramatic impact on his / her organization

CFO Industry Transformation Award

The CFO who has successfully transitioned from the position of CFO in one industry to the position of CFO in a company in an unrelated industry, who has, by applying experiences, insights, and skills from his or her previous CFO position, had a significant impact on the success of the organization

CFOs may be nominated for multiple CFO Innovation Awards, may be nominated by others or may nominate themselves, and may be nominated one or more times for the same award. Multiple nominations for the same CFO or the same award will not affect selections, nominations, or awards. CFO Studio, with the assistance of the CFO Innovation Award judges committee, will, in its absolute and sole discretion, determine which nominees will be selected as finalists and which finalists with be selected as CFO Innovation Award Winners. CFO Studio reserves the absolute right to accept or reject nominations without reason or notice. No compensation or remuneration for nominations, finalists, or winners awards will be provided to or accepted by nominees or the CFO Innovation Award judges committee.In the interest of issuing high caliber awards, CFO Studio and / or the CFO Innovation Award judges committee may, at any time, elect to change, add, or delete from the above list of award categories, and / or issue special or one-time awards, based on nominations received or otherwise, and may elect to do so without notice.

All nominations will be verified, with nominees and information submitted to be confirmed as part of the nomination application process. A documented finalist and winner awards process will be verified and audited by the CFO Innovation Awards Audit Partner, WithumSmith+Brown.

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