Hundreds of trillions of dollars in commercial mortgages that were placed in service years ago are scheduled to expire throughout the United States in the next three years.  As the economy continues to flip flop, it will be important to keep a careful eye on your company’s landlord and its ability to continue to provide services that may have a material effect on your ability to conduct business productively, safely, and profitably. Specifically, your landlord could be experiencing financial or other challenges that, if left unresolved, could hinder your company’s ability to enjoy a productive business environment, irrespective of your making rental payments in-full and on-time.

Watch for a number of issues that could signal your landlord is having difficulties or may be headed for them. They could be signs that your landlord may be in danger of losing its building. We’ve uncovered a long list of warning signs about which you should be aware…33 of them, in fact.  They include:



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