February 1, 2016

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The Philadelphia Eagles’ CFO Takes Readers Inside the
Operation in Latest Issue of CFO Studio Magazine

SOMERSET, NJ – Frank Gumienny, the chief financial officer of the Philadelphia Eagles and Lincoln Financial Field, works in an unusual context, where a good decision is one that is good for football — whether or not it’s good for the bottom line. Nonetheless, he has helped the team grow to a $2.4 billion entity in his 18 seasons there, placing the Eagles franchise in the top third of all NFL teams in terms of value. CFOs and other financial executives can read his story in the Q1/Q2 2016 issue of CFO Studio magazine, which has just been released.
“We don’t make the same decisions you’d make if you were running a business, because we’re also running a football team,” Gumienny says in the article. This means that budgets are regularly annihilated, such as when a player needs a $50,000 knee brace.
Like any other CFO Gumienny keeps tabs on revenue and risks. In a business that “is all about passion,” fans play a pivotal role in keeping the franchise healthy. Connecting with fans and inspiring them to love the Eagles and act on their passion by going to the games is part of the team’s successful business strategy. He also books sold-out concerts and other live events to earn revenue and manages attendant risks, from cybersecurity to slip-and-falls.
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