Andrew Zezas, SIOR interviews Tim Anglim, CFO
Financial executive and CFO, Tim Anglim, President of YesCFO and CPA Forensics is interviewed by Andrew Zezas, SIOR, President & CEO of Real Estate Strategies Corporation, a New Jersey based corporate real estate advisory and transaction services firm.  Mr. Anglim discusses “an abyss in the credit markets”, talks about how the current economy has adversely impacted companies’ ability to secure bank financing. Tim discusses TARP and how banks increasing cash reserves and repaying government loans will contribute to economic slowdown.  He claims that capital spending, especially discretionary spending, will rise over time depending on the industry.  Mr. Anglim says the current economy has made it tougher to get to a “yes” with banks when negotiating bank agreements, and states that “companies must balance their own needs with those of their paying customers.”  Tim says the “Holy grail in turnarounds is figuring out how to grow the company.”

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