November 21, 2014

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SOMERSET, NJ – Francis J. (Fran) Shammo, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Verizon Communications, made a bold investment in an untried technology four years ago when he was on the operations side of the business. As described in the cover story of CFO Studio magazine’s Q4 2014 issue, Shammo funded a platform for digital media and video content delivery that would take all the capital he could squeeze from his budget. Then president of Verizon’s Wireline segment, Shammo believed in and invested in an idea that might never pay off. That decision defines Fran Shammo as a highly unusual CFO.

Shammo, who had a strong background in finance, moved to the CFO role in November 2010 and embarked on a project to raise Verizon’s Finance department to an equal footing with the world’s best. Now, with all of Verizon’s data in one area of Finance, the company has extremely fast decision-support.

CFO Studio magazine readers also get a look at how collaboration between CFOs and chief marketing officers (CMOs) has been helped by marketing’s reliance on data to target campaigns. The article is part of a series on the challenges members of the executive team face in their interactions. Other features in this quarter’s issue include CFO profiles of INTTRA’s Valerie Rainey and Atlantic Health System’s Kevin Lenahan. Parsippany-based INTTRA is an ocean shipping e-marketplace, while Atlantic Health System is one of the largest nonprofit health care systems in New Jersey.

CFO Studio magazine, published quarterly by Real Estate Strategies Corporation, features business profiles and strategic advice for New Jersey– and New York–area CFOs. In the magazine’s signature CFO 2 CFO section, Ned Mavrommatis, chief financial officer of I.D. Systems, Inc., describes how machine-to-machine (M2M) technology is transforming the heart of material handling operations, and Tim Anglim, president of YesCFO, writes on ferreting out fraud and how CFOs for privately held companies can protect themselves.

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