Why commercial real estate brokers insist that tenants look at the office building men’s rooms when presenting space for relocation is a bit peculiar.

Don’t landlords know that people look at restrooms? As a result, don’t most landlords pay extra attention and keep them clean, even if they might not properly maintain other parts of their buildings?

I guess office building men’s rooms are like getting your signature notarized.  One only has a problem when you cannot get your signature notarized or when the men’s room is not clean and orderly.

Certainly, a clean men’s room should suggest the environment in which a company’s employees would work. However, is it really a true indicator of the quality of a building and how well it is maintained and managed?  What about the building’s financial circumstance and that of its landlord?

In challenging economic times where good companies work diligently to avoid financial collapse and good landlords find it difficult to attract new tenants and retain existing ones, a well-maintained building suggests that the landlord may, in fact, be focused on more than just protecting its investment. However, essential to determining the long-term viability of any potential real estate transaction is a thorough investigation of the physical condition of any property under consideration, as well as, a detailed review of the landlord’s ability to perform, not only operationally, but financially in accordance with the intended terms of a lease.


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